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A note about The Killing Ground, OVERLORD, and the OVERLORD Completion Kit:

The Killing Ground game covers the campaign from July 06 to Aug 22

The OVERLORD game covers the campaign between June 06 to July 05 and can only be played if you have a copy of the Killing Ground (in order to cover the entire campaign June 06 to Aug 22) or

If you buy it together with the Overlord Completion Kit (contains some of the Killing Ground counters and charts and allows to play the Overlord as a stand alone game but only for the June 06 to July 05 period).

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Cat. No.

  Retail Price

 Winter's Victory 22-007WV $200.00
 The Jaws of Victory 19-006JV $120.00
 Overlord: D-Day and the Beachhead Battles 07-004OV Sold Out
 Overlord: Completion Kit - ziplok bag 08-005OV Sold Out
 The Killing Ground 02-003KG Sold Out
 The Battle for Dresden, 1813 95-002BD $48.00

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