OVERLORD: D-Day and the Beachhead Battles is an expansion module for The Killing Ground that covers the period from June 6, to July 5, 1944. This 30 game-turn module links directly to The Killing Ground with an additional map, playing pieces and rules. It may also be played as a single map, stand alone game. In either case, the original The Killing Ground game is required to use this module.

OVERLORD: D-Day and the Beachhead Battles is divided into three stages, each with a different sequence of play.
1. D-Day: June 6, 1944
2. OVERLORD: The Build-up
3. The Killing Ground

D-Day: June 6th, 1944 sequence of play is used only on game-turn one. OVERLORD: The Build-up sequence of play starts on turn 2 and ends the Game-turn in which both Allied nationalities have completed their depots. The Killing Ground sequence of play starts the turn after the depots are completed. The rules from the original Killing Ground game are used throughout the Build-up except were noted. The rules for D-Day and OVERLORD are in addition to and supercede the standard Killing Ground rules until the end of the Build-up.

.....The OVERLORD expansion module includes the following:
....* 24 page OVERLORD Rules Booklet
....* D-Day Turn 1 Sequence of Play Booklet
... * 2nd edition Killing Ground Rules Booklet
....* North map section ; 22" x 34" (2 sided)
... * 280 back-printed, diecut counters (1/2 inch)
... * Game Turn Record Track
... * Sequence of Play Card (2 sided)
... * Breakdown Battalion recombination guide
... * German Set-up card
... * D-Day and Build-up Charts and Tables card

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