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The Battle for Normandy, July-August, 1944

The Killing Ground covers the entire campaign from mid July with the Allied attacks on Caen and St. Lo, through the German destruction o the German army trapped in the Falaise pocket. The burden of attack is always on the Allied side, but to win, the allies must avoid a stalemate and breakout to exit units into Brittany and south and east off the map. The Germans can win in one of too ways: bleed the Allies and after the breakthrough launch a bold counter offensive to cut them in two or conserve their units while planning for the withdrawal from Normandy and get as many units out as possible before the allies close the trap.
The game system uses a separate chit draw that makes the combat strengths of units unknown to both sides until the moment of combat. Most units are regiments with armor and other assets as battalions. At one day per turn and 2.5 km a hex the game system allows players to make and change both operational decisions and tactical techniques over an extended period. In fact, the game system forces each side fight a different type of battle using strengths and terrain unique to each army, and to each part of the map. Air interdiction, carpet bombing, supply buildup for operations, and German defensive and armor superiority are realistically portrayed while still maintaining playability.
There are three single map scenarios. One covering the British attacks around Caen onto Falaise, another dealing with the U.S. Army's fight through the hedgerow to Operation Cobra, and a shorter, introductory scenario of the dramatic German counterattack at Mortain. The two map scenarios put it all together in two extended campaign games.
The game comes boxed and includes two 22 x 34 in. four color mapsheets, 800 color, back printed counters, rules, charts player's aids and dice.

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