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The Playing Pieces
A new countersheet with new unit types and markers is included in the expansion module to recreate the military operations surrounding the D-Day invasion and Allied Build-Up. Some counters are new and have special functions like Breakdown Battalions and Panzer Kampfgruppes.

Breakdown Battalion Example

Breakdown battalions are the most important new units used in Overlord. Breakdown battalions are smaller size units made up of elements of regiments and support battalions and are identified by a color in the unit type symbol and by the parent divisional emblem. They function as normal battalions per the original Killing Ground rules with some differences, the most important being that they possess a Zone of Control.

Only those battalions with the Battalion ZOC bar project a ZOC which is referred to as a Battalion ZOC.

Replacement Counters

Replacement counters for The Killing Ground, have been provided and are marked Rpl on the front side of the counter. Players should use these replacement counters for all Killing Ground games.


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The Map
The new North Map extends the coverage the original Killing Grounds to include the Cotentin Peninsula and Normandy coastline.

Turn Record Track Information to come.