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Russ Fatigue Chart



1. Game Turn Interphase
Check the Turn Record Track for wind and snow event. If indicated, roll the die to determine wind direction and/or snow level. On hourly turns certain additional activities are conducted: Accrual of fatigue, brigade deactivation, fatigue recovery (Night Turns only) and other scenario related actions.

2. Allied Command Phase
The Allied Player announces his command decisions. These include placement of reinforcements and/or activation of inactive Brigades
The Allied player may also announce any Cavalry Charge attempts and rolls a die for each attempt to determine if it succeeds (see 12.6.1). Remove Ammo Deplt markers from infantry units eligible to resupply.

3. Allied Rally Phase
The Allied player must attempt to rally each of his Disordered or Routed units. Disordered Units are rallied first then Routed units attempt to rally. All routed units that fail the rally attempt must retreat in accordance with the rout rules (see paragraph 13.1.4)

4. French Movement Phase
Morale Check Segment: The French player must conduct a morale check for every unit within each Allied charge zone.
Movement Segment: The French player may move some, all or none of the French units which are activated and eligible to move. Each unit may perform any of the following actions or combinations thereof: 1) change facing, 2) change formation, or 3) move. Skirmish units may detach or re-attach from or to their infantry battalion. The French player may bring reinforcements onto the map per the scenario French Reinforcement schedule.

5. Allied Shock Phase
The Allied Player conducts all infantry shock attacks and cavalry charges in any order he chooses (see 11.1 and 12.2).

6. Reciprocal Fire Phase
Both players alternately resolve artillery and infantry fire combat in the order listed below. They may fire all, some, or none of their units as they so choose. Players alternate fire, one unit at a time, until all fire is completed.
Reciprocal Artillery Fire Segment: All artillery units from both armies are fired during this segment. Artillery fire alternates between both players, unit by unit, until all desired artillery units have fired.
Reciprocal Infantry Battalion Fire Segment: During this segment, all infantry units from both armies may fire. Fire is alternated between players until all infantry units have fired.
Reciprocal Skirmisher Fire Segment: All Skirmisher/Jager units from both armies are fired during this segment. Skirmisher/Jager fire alternates between both players, unit by unit (stack by stack), until all desired Skirmisher units have fired.

Note: The following Phases 7-10 are a repeat of the activities conducted during Phases 2–5 except that the players roles are reversed; the French Player now assumes the actions of the Allied Player and the Allied player those of the French. Also, there is no Reciprocal Fire Phase until the next Game-turn.

7. French Command Phase

8. French Rally Phase

9. Allied Movement Phase

10. French Shock Phase

11. Advance Game Turn Marker Phase

The Game-turn marker is advanced one turn on the Game-Turn Track.